Focus and Scope

Jounal Data Science Insights is a journal that publishes Focus and Scope research articles, which include :

  1. Data Science and Machine Learning.
  2. Data Science and AI.
  3. Blockchain and Advance Data Science.
  4. Cloud computing and Big Data.
  5. Business Intelligence and Big Data.
  6. Statistical Foundation for Data Science.
  7. Probability and Statistics for Data Science.
  8. Statistical Inference via Data Science.
  9. Big Data and Business Analytics.
  10. Statistical Thinking in Business.
  11. Data Driven Statistical Methods.
  12. Statistical Methods for Spatial Data Analytics.
  13. Statistical Techniques for Data Analysis.
  14. Data Science in Communication.
  15. Information and Communication Technology.
  16. Graph Data Management for Social Network Applications.
  17. Metadata for Information Management.
  18. Information/Data: Organization and Access.
  19. Information Science and Electronic Engineering.
  20. Bigdata and Social Science.
  21. Data Communication and Computer Network.
  22. ICT & Data Analytics.